About Me

I’m so glad you could stop by.
Now, I’m sure you’re probably wondering, who is Princess Audu and who really is the face behind this blog,
Well, my name is Sarah Enuwa Audu (pronounced as Owudu). I am a 22 year old from Benue State, Nigeria. I like to describe myself as a global citizen since I spent part of my life across the globe and the other part in Nigeria. My blog name Princess Audu comes from the fact that my dad calls me princess (daddy’s girl here) and the literal translation of Sarah of the Bible which means princess. And obviously my surname is Audu.
Looking back, if anyone had ever told me that I'd ever be a fashion blogger I would have laughed in their face. Growing up I was a jeans and t-shirt every day kind of girl. I also disliked writing and reading, two things I now enjoy and love.

Unlike most people who start a blog to inspire people, I actually started mine as a means of justifying my shopaholic tendencies back then. Now however, this space is where I document life’s experiences, talk fashion, my faith and travel in hopes of inspiring someone out there to live a life according to God’s purpose.

So here are a few random things about me, I am the second eldest of six children. I believe fried yam is the best food out there and as such can eat it every day. I have lived and travelled to Israel, New York, Thailand and Equatorial Guinea.

I started this blog while studying in Bangkok, Thailand where I received a B.A. in Communication. Finally, I am a Journalist and Social media manager by day.

 You can contact me at princessaudu@gmail.com for any inquiries. I love collaborations and hearing from my readers so be sure to say hi.

Thank you and I hope to see you again